Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall in the Morning Room

I can not believe how much a can of paint can change the whole look and FEEL of a room. I looked at last years pictures when the walls were still all white, and it is such a difference. I hope we can get the rest of this floor painted this winter!! Anyway, I am hoping all the people in SC are OK. It is heartbreaking to see  all the devastation.
I so enjoy decorating for Fall. I was finally able to get some pictures of this room when the sun came back out! This is the view from coming around from the foyer. It makes my heart happy in the morning to see this.
 I love, LOVE this color. The colors of Fall are truly my colors.
 Most of you know that Joe built this hutch for the other house. I still love it, he is so good at so many things!

 I love decorating the top of this hutch each season.

 I like to use garlands on the shelves of the hutch, they add texture and look so pretty.

 The brown pumpkin is made of clay.
 I added some flowers to the wicker demijohn on top.
 This lamp comes on at night and casts a pretty glow in the room.

 I bought this valance at our community garage sale the first year we were here. I am SO happy I got it. It is perfect with the color in here.

 This is my favorite little squirrel.
 I added some hydrangeas from the yard and the twine pumpkins came from Kirklands. They also have them in orange.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are dry and enjoying these beautiful Fall days!!!
XO, Pinky
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Foyer Steps and Credenza

Good morning! I hope you all are drying out from all the RAIN we have had, especially here along the east coast! I feel so bad for the people ON the coast who have had flooding and one man's house broke right off the pilings and washed away!!!! I am counting our blessings, a little inconvenience is no match for the mess some have.
Anyway, I wanted to WELCOME you to the foyer. Many of you have seen that I line the steps with some of my blue and white jars. That never changes, I knew I would do this before we even built. But I try to enhance it each season with some additions.
 I usually have green rings around the candles and so I just added some fall rings. Each one is a little different.
 acorns adorn this one
 tiny pinecones, leaves and berries
 teeny pumpkins!

 This is the first year I have decorated the credenza! I wanted to last year but never got to it. These tall candlesticks will probably be a fixture here now. I got them at Kirklands during the summer on a good sale, plus I had a coupon.
 These ceramic pumpkins blend so well with the colors in the runner.
 I forget where I found these crackle pumpkins, but liked that they are so neutral.
 In the evening this lamp comes on with a timer.
 I added some fall branches to a green demi john like bottle.

 2 garlands were twisted together to create a pretty lush garland.

 The sparkly leaves on this stem match the leaves in the runner too.
 I enjoy this vignette all the time.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear from you if you have a second.
XO, Pinky

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

2 New Fall Pillows!!

I was away last week. I went to the beach with 7 girlfriends, this was the 41st annual trip for us!!! We started when all of our kids were teeny tiny. It is a BLESSING to have these women in my life. So while we were away I did some SHOPPING, I know, shocking! I found one of the pillows down there. Then on Tues. I had plans to go up to Lancaster to meet with Yvonne for lunch and some shopping! Yes, THAT Yvonne, that we all love. She and I became friends through blogging and live only 45 mins. apart! So, after lunch we went to the PB outlet and I got a gorgeous pumpkin pillow.
 I love that there is some sparkle to it and the pale blue blends with my RL pillows.
 I love a touch of leopard in any room so am pairing these with it.

 I also have this leopard topper on this table. And I LOOOVE my 2 leopard glass pumpkins!

 This is the other pillow. I have been looking at it for awhile and got it last week.
 I love how the leaves and vines go so well with the leaves and vines on the chair!!

 It also has a TOUCH of script on it.
 Now, are you ready? It came from Walmart!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that I found it, it seems to be perfect on this chair.
 This is a cozy spot for me. In the Fall and Winter I usually bring in a footstool and a throw and sit here to read. The chair is a great size for me.
Thanks for your visit. I hope you have a beautiful day!!!!
XO, Pinky
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